10 Most Popular Australian Sports For Betting

10 Most Popular Australian Sports For Betting

Australia is a country that truly loves its sport and there are plenty of options to increase the excitement with sports betting.

With an ongoing calendar of sporting events, games, races, and competitions, if you’re interested in betting on sports specifically you’ll have no shortage of options when it comes to this country.

So, what are the most popular choices for Australian sports betting in this country?

Australian Rules Football (AFL) and rugby league (NRL) have massive followings among casual fans and sports gamblers alike. Horse racing industry is massive as well. In addition to these top earners, other sports that Australians gamble on include cricket, basketball, soccer, tennis and golf.

This is a comprehensive list of the most popular betting markets for Australians and the sports that tend to be favoured in this country.

With a full calendar of sports each year and plenty of online bookmakers that specialise in these markets, there are plenty of options out there for the punter who wants to combine their passions for sport and gambling.

The Most Popular Sports to Bet on in Australia

This list includes the most popular sports that Australians like to bet on and the types of bets offered by the best online bookies.

As a country that loves competitive sports and also gambling, it’s not surprising that they have so many favourites when it comes to the type of sport you can bet on.

#1: Australian Rules Football

Guys Playing Football

With the highest spectator attendance numbers and TV viewership of any sports in the country, it’s no wonder that Australian Football is the most popular for sports betting as well.

Australian Rules Football also referred to like football, AFL, and Aussie rules, is the most common sports bet on in the country according to the government’s statistics, with 77 percent of bettors choosing this market.

#2: Horse Racing

Racing Horses

As a country with a long history of horse racing and many local meetings every day of the year, this also makes up a huge portion of bettors.

Around 76 percent of online bets are on horse racing and there are plenty of options for how to gamble.

The racing season occurs year-round with races every day to bet on at country, provincial and metropolitan race clubs.

With something always available to bet on as well as international markets offered by many bookmakers, horse racing is one of the most popular in Australia.

#3: Rugby League

Playing Rugby

Rugby league is another huge sport in Australia and the NRL gets a lot of attention when it comes to gambling as well.

As the dominant football code in New South Wales and Queensland, this is where most of the wagers occur, with bets including the first try scored, Dally M Medal winners, and season champions.

There are local and state games, State of Origin matches, and international competitions against New Zealand and the UK to bet on and the season usually commences in March and goes through until late September or early October each year.

#4: Soccer

Two Guys Playing Soccer

Soccer has become a relatively new addition to the list of popular Australian sports and there are now a number of ways you can bet on the sport.

In addition to the domestic A league which usually runs from October to May each year, there are a number of international matches and competitions to bet on.

The English Premier League and European betting markets are also a popular choice for Australian punters, and some of the best options include overall winner, top scorer, draw no bet, and player of the tournament.

#5: Cricket

Playing Cricket

The Australian cricket season dominates the summer schedule and is one of the most watched televised sports in the country.

There are a huge number of local and interstate matches to bet on as well as international games played with countries like England, India, and New Zealand.

ICC Cricket World Cup, the Ashes, and International Twenty20 are some of the most common matches that punters bet on with limits often imposed on winnings, and usually the more high profile the match the higher these limits.

#6: Tennis

Player Hitting The Tennis Ball

The Australian Open is the biggest event in the tennis calendar for the country and also widely popular with sports betting as well.

Commencing in January of each year, bettors can place exact wagers on who they expect to win the Open as well as other bets including a margin of victory and specific matches.

In addition to the Australian Open, Australian sports betting sites also offer markets in the US and European tennis competitions as these matches run throughout the year.

#7: Moto Racing

Moto GP In Australia

There are a number of sports within moto racing that are popular among Australian punters including V8 Supercars, Formula 1 and MotoGP. 

Bets include overall championship winners, race winners, top-three finishes, and head to head wagers involving two different contenders.

As home to many racing events and specific stages in global championships, the market for moto racing betting is getting even larger.

#8: Basketball

Playing Basketball

The Australian NBL season runs from October to March each year and is a popular market for sports betting.

In addition to domestic matches, Australian punters also show a lot of interest in betting on international leagues like the NBA when their season commences in October each year.

Popular bets that take place in this sport include head to head and line betting, with the overall NBA Championship Winner being the biggest.

#9: Golf

Playing Golf

The Australian Open is the largest local event on the golf calendar for the year and the most popular among Australian sports bettors, as well as the Australian PGA Championship.

In addition to betting on these domestic events, punters also like to gamble on the US Open, US PGA, Open Championship, Presidents Cup and Ryder Cup.

Possible bet options include tournament winner, each-way, Top 20, head to head, hole in one, and top nationality betting.

Related Questions

Sports betting is a popular pastime in Australia as it combines the country’s passion for sports and gambling.

There’s a lot to learn about sports betting for the beginner though, including laws and rules surrounding it, so we’ve answered some frequently asked questions about the topic to make it easier to understand the basics.

What Forms of Gambling Are Legal in Australia?

Sports betting is one of the only online gambling formats that’s totally legal in Australia, and this includes all aspects of horse racing and sports betting.

Any other form of online gambling like poker or blackjack games is strictly prohibited in Australia, as is the concept of in-play sports betting.

What is In-Play Sports Betting?

In play sports betting is a bet that occurs when the game has already started.

This form of betting is illegal in Australia and has been since 2001 when the Australian Interactive Gambling Act was introduced which banned any online gambling services that are deemed interactive.

How Many Australians Bet on Sports?

According to figures from the Australian Government, an estimated 700,000 Australian adults placed a bet on a sporting event in a standard month, not including race betting.

Sports betting made up around half of their gambling activity with horse racing accounting for around a quarter of this activity.

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