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For the Australian punter, there’s a huge selection of betting sites to choose from, whether you’re after standards sports bets or a racing specific bookmaker. 

With so many choices out there, narrowing down the best online betting Australia has to offer is harder than you might realize.

There are plenty of features you have to weigh up to determine which of the Australian gambling sites is ideal for you. 

You’ll have to take into consideration the bonuses, withdrawal and deposit options, payouts, minimum and maximum bets, as well as the sheer variety of things they offer to bet on. 

There’s never been a better time to get into online gambling but this also means the options out there can be overwhelming.

If you’re new to Australian sports betting and don’t know what to look for in a site, this buying guide can point you in the right direction. 

We’ve reviewed the best and most respected bookmakers that offering online betting whether you prefer horse racing, football, or everything in between, and have found those that give the most to their punters.

The Best Australian Betting Sites Reviews

Technical specifications

  • Year Established: 2013
  • Type: Sports and Horse Racing offer
  • Racing Bets: Yes
  • Currencies: AUD
  • Withdrawal Options: Bank transfer, PayPal
  • Deposit Options: Visa, MasterCard, bank transfer, BPAY, POLi 2, Paypal
  • Live Support: Yes
  • Maximum Bet: N/A

Ladbrokes is one of the biggest bookmakers in the world so it’s no surprise that their Australian betting site gets a lot of love from punters.

The Australian version was established in 2013 and they’ve quickly gained a reputation as experts in both sports and racing where the user experience is second to none.

Ladbrokes also run a number of promotions exclusive to their site which are great for all sports and racing.

By far the best thing about Ladbrokes is the sheer number of races available to bet on, and this seems to be their strong point.

When it comes to sports bets, they constantly have promotions running to entice punters like their exclusive offer that lets you pick the winning margin of a game to increase how much you can win.

Their mobile app also gets a lot of praise for its ease of use which can be especially helpful for those feeling cautious about online betting.

There are some areas Ladbrokes could improve, mostly around the number of markets they offer on NBA and NFL.

Generally speaking though, Ladbrokes is known for having good online betting odds in Australia and a pretty constant and reliable place to gamble if you want consistency.

Ladbrokes lets you withdraw and deposit money in a number of ways including PayPal and Poli 2 so there are a lot of options that others don’t have.

They have a 24/7 betting line and customer support offered seven days a week, as well as online choices for email and live chat.

There’s live betting in both international sports and racing, so it’s a one-stop shop if you’re looking for a bookmaker that can do it all.

The maximum bet allowed by Ladbrokes changes depending on the wager but they’re known for having pretty high limits, and there’s a $10 minimum to start betting.

Although some odds can be slow which is a bit of a letdown, it’s one of the more user-friendly sites and mobile apps to navigate so a great choice for new punters looking to move online.


Technical specifications

  • Year Established: 2005
  • Type: Racing and Sports
  • Racing Bets: Yes
  • Currencies: AUD
  • Withdrawal Options: PayPal, Bank Transfer
  • Deposit Options: Credit card, bank transfer, BPAY, Paypal, POLi 2
  • Live Support: Yes
  • Maximum Bet: N/A

For the best in an overall sports betting site, the clear favorite for Australians is Bet Easy. 

Bet Easy was launched in Australian in 2005 so they’re one of the longest running online bookmakers and also one of the most varied in the types of bets you can place. 

You can bet in all of the major racing markets around the world as well as sports and live betting games so it’s pretty vast in what it offers.

According to punters, having the live stream option for races was a huge bonus as it meant they could bet and watch all from the same place. 

Another great feature of Bet Easy is their My Rewards program that lets you earn things like movie tickets and dinner vouchers whenever you deposit money, so it’s a nice extra that not every site offers.

On the downside, the website can be overwhelming at first, especially if you’ve never gambled online before. 

It will take a little time to navigate through the different races and bets, but they have 24/7 support staff there to help if you need it. 

Another potential negative is that this site is owned by foreign interests after its sale in 2014, so it’s not the Australian owned bookmaker that it once used to be, which could be off-putting to some.

There are plenty of high tech features worth noting include the mobile betting app which is very user-friendly, and the option to place multi bets with the Multi Express features, once you get the hang of how they work. 

Bet Easy offers bets on most of the large international races and a number of sports with local games and international sports like American football if you want to mix things up a bit.

There’s a $5 minimum deposit to play here and plenty of ways to withdrawal and deposit cash with a fast payout, so it’s not as limiting as some other bookmakers. 

For a vast selection of races and sports markets, heaps of options for how you can place bets and earn promotions, and lots of support for customers, Bet Easy is definitely our number one pick.


Technical specifications

  • Year Established: 2017
  • Type: Racing
  • Racing Bets: Yes
  • Currencies: AUD
  • Withdrawal Options: Bank transfer
  • Deposit Options: Visa, MasterCard, bank transfer, POLi 5, BPAY
  • Live Support: Yes
  • Maximum Bet: $10,000

There are some punters who favour horse racing exclusively, and if you fall into that category you’ll probably want an online bookmaker with that exact specialty. 

If horses are your go-to for gambling our favorite pick is Neds, although they do offer sports bets as well. 

Neds was launched by former Ladbrokes CEO Dean Shannon in 2017 so although it’s one of the newer bookmakers out there, it’s got people behind it with a whole lot of experience in providing a great experience for their customers.

The best thing about Neds is their Punter’s Toolbox feature which lets you personalize your own bets to make the most money on the site. 

There are a number of tools within the feature including those that protect your bets or those that increase it, and you get a certain amount to use each day to your advantage. 

Having this edge when it comes to racing bets is definitely helpful no matter how experienced you might be, and it’s completely free for members to use.

There are a few minor negatives worth mentioning, with the biggest one being their app and the number of errors it seems to have. 

As this is a relatively new site it appears they put most of their energy into the website while the mobile app is lacking, so it’s best to avoid it until they fix the glitches. 

There’s also no live chat option yet which is disappointing for online punters, so the addition of that would definitely give Neds a boost.

You get a whopping maximum bet of $10,000 and a minimum deposit of $10 with no minimum withdrawal, giving you more options to use your cash and a chance to win a whole lot of money if you pick a winner. 

There’s a solid range of futures markets, free tips updated regularly, a multi builder feature for multi bets, and competitive odds when compared to other Australian bookmakers, so it’s got a whole lot going for it.

Neds is still pretty new on the scene but what they’re offering already puts them miles ahead in terms of racing bets and promotions for players. 

The website is easy to use and there are heaps of features and information that you can rely on to improve your chances, so if you want an informed way to bet on racing and an Australian owned site then Neds is a great choice.

Technical specifications

  • Year Established: 1997
  • Type: Sports and Racing
  • Racing Bets: Yes
  • Currencies: AUD
  • Withdrawal Options: Bank transfer, Credit/Debit card, NETELLER, Skrill
  • Deposit Options: Bank transfer, Credit/Debit card, NETELLER, Skrill
  • Live Support: Yes
  • Maximum Bet: Yes

When Unibet began in 1997, we started with a single ambition. For one player (founder Anders Ström) to share his sporting expertise to help other players make more informed bets. We believe that this is as important today as it was in the beginning. That’s why Unibet continue to be the experts in understanding what players really need to make bets that enhance their passion for the game.

It’s why we are committed to:

  • Developing an easy platform to deposit, play and withdraw – how and when you want.
  • Maintaining our local, friendly and knowledgeable customer service.
  • Providing the broadest sports betting offer available, including niche sports & fixtures.
  • Sharing our knowledge and insights to help you to make informed bets.
  • Driving for continual innovation in everything we do.

At Unibet, we put players at the heart of everything we do. It is our purpose to understand what you want before you do, and we don’t waste your time with products, services and promotions that you don’t need. This is because we are players ourselves and it is what we would want from a brand that we trust. We are By Players, For Players.

Unibet is consistently recognised for its excellent products and proactive approach to Responsible Gaming.

Technical specifications

  • Year Established: 2009
  • Type: Sports and Racing
  • Racing Bets: Yes
  • Currencies: AUD
  • Withdrawal Options: Credit Card, EFT (Electronic Funds Transfers), BPAY, POLi
  • Deposit Options:Credit Card, EFT (Electronic Funds Transfers), BPAY, POLi
  • Live Support: Yes
  • Maximum Bet: N/A

PlayUp is Australia’s best fixed odds provider.

In a time where most Bookmakers are removing products from their punters, we will endeavour to be at the forefront of products offered, bet a fair price, and give the punter every chance to enjoy the punting experience.

The name PlayUp is not a fluke, we want our punters to have fun and celebrate their wins. Too many bookies just want to take, take, take. Our promise is to rule in favour of the punter wherever possible and give punters a fair go.

We are a 100% Australian owned and operated business with our offices located in Sydney. We pride ourselves on providing all punters with a genuine personalised experience that is not typically offered by Bookmakers.

Australian Sports Betting FAQ

Australian Sport Betting

Learning the basics about sports betting can take a little longer than you might realise and there are lots of rules and regulations in place that make it difficult to understand. 

We’ve answered some of the most common questions that new punters have regarding sports betting in Australia to give you a crash course on how it all works.

Is Sports Betting Legal In Australia?

Betting on sports is legal in Australia, but each state and territory has it owns laws and regulations in place. 

To bet, you must be 18 and the operator must have reasonable proof of identity for it to be legal. 

The Interactive Gambling Act was passed in Australia in 2001 and states that sports betting through a licensed operator is legal, but instant win and in play or live betting is prohibited.

Which Betting Company Gives The Best Odds?

Each betting site has its own odds to offer punters, and these odds can change frequently. 

Usually, the larger bookmakers have better odds, but this isn’t always the case. 

Because odds can change so fast, it’s best to research which bookmaker has the most competitive ones on the day you’re planning to make a bet.

Is Arbitrage Betting Legal In Australia?

Illustration Of Arbitrage Betting In Australia

Arbitrage betting is the process of betting on all possible outcomes of a sporting event to ensure that you win money no matter the end result. 

Although it is totally legal to place arbitrage bets in Australia, the methods in which you do them must be legal, and so no fraudulent or fake identities can be used if you do so. 

Any wager made on an Australian sports betting site must be done under your own name so there’s a limit to how much you can win.

Do You Have To Declare Gambling Winnings In Australia?

Unlike other countries, you do not have to declare any earnings you’ve made from gambling in Australia. 

As gambling is seen as a hobby and not a professional source of income, you’re not required to declare winnings and won’t be taxed on anything that you make.

A Huge Selection for Australian Betting

Australians are pretty spoiled for choice when it comes to online betting, and whether your favorite is greyhound racing or American football, you’ll be covered with a site who specializes in it. 

Finding the best Australian betting sites isn’t just about the types of bets you’re interested in though, as it’s important to weigh up the customer service, promotions, odds, and ease of use that a bookmaker offers, which is why it can be so hard to get the perfect fit.

There’s a lot to learn if you’re new to sports or racing bets, but most of these sites have been laid out to make your first experience easy. 

As a country with a huge passion for sports and racing, as well as betting on these markets, most online bookmakers want the process to be as simple as possible for new and old punters alike.

There’s never been such a huge selection of quality betting sites for Australians to choose from nor has the choice of sport and races ever been so big. 

As one of the world’s biggest gambling hubs it’s no surprise that we have a lot of good options out there, so it should be relatively easy for you to pick a winning bookmaker from our recommendations to place all of your sports and racing bets with.

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