Why Bookmakers Limit Accounts And How To Avoid It?

Why Bookmakers Limit Accounts And How To Avoid It?

Online betting has definitely changed the way we wager, but it can be frustrating for punters when the process isn’t as easy as they’d hoped for.

One major issue with online bookmakers is that they frequently ban, suspend, or limit their customer’s accounts and without knowing why it can be disheartening to lose access to your full range of betting options at your preferred bookmaker.

Why do bookmakers limit accounts and what can you do if you find your betting account suspended?

The two main reasons are (1) winning too much money; and (2) they suspect fraudulent activity and so put an immediate suspension on its use. There are other reasons as well. As customers, there are a few courses of action you can take including reaching out to their customer support, but ultimately, it’s up to the bookmaker to decide what happens next.

Betting online comes with plenty of advantages but having your betting account suspended would have to be the biggest downside.

We’re going to look at common examples of accounts being limited or banned, why they do it, and what you’re able to do as a customer.

How to Tell If Your Betting Account Has Been Banned or Suspended

If you have a regular online bookmaker that you use for placing bets, you probably find the sign up and betting process relatively easy.

However, when your account has been banned or had limits placed on it for whatever reason, you’ll usually be blocked entirely from making any type of wagers on their website.

There may be reasoning provided when you attempt to sign in and find that your account has been locked, or you might have to reach out to their customer support to get the answers.

It will usually be made quite clear that you’re unable to use their website as you usually would, either because you’re unable to place bets or can’t get past the initial sign-in page altogether.

What Do You Do If Your Account Becomes Suspended?

As with any online login process, the first thing to verify is that you have the correct details to enter the site.

Once you’ve established that you’re using the right username and password but still unable to access your account, you’ll then need to reach out to the online bookmaker through one of their channels of customer support.

In some cases, you might receive an email that details why your account has been limited or banned, otherwise, you’ll need to contact the bookmaker directly for more information.

From there, they should be able to tell you what happened to the account and if there’s anything you can do to rectify it.

Whatever reasoning you’ve been given, you should take it upon yourself to read through the terms and conditions that were part of the signup process with the online bookmaker.

Even if it seems unfair that your account has been banned or limited, there’s a good chance that they’re well within their rights to do so.

If you believe that the action they’ve taken is unfair and not part of the agreed-upon conditions you might be able to take further action.

You can speak with your local state or territory’s gaming commission, or reach out to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to make a formal complaint.

Why Do They Limit or Ban These Accounts?

Betting Account Banned

When your betting account becomes suspended or limits are placed on it, it can be hard to understand why if you haven’t been given a formal reason from the bookmaker.

There are common issues that cause bookmakers to ban or limit certain customers, so it could be related to any of these.

You aren’t a profitable customer for them

Many complaints have been made publicly about online bookmakers closing down accounts or limiting bets when their customers started winning too much money, and according to their terms and conditions, they are well within their rights to do so.

You have more than one account

All online bookmakers have a strict rule that each person is only allowed one account at their site which is why they have such stringent identity requirements.

If you’re unsure whether or not you already have an account and attempt to sign up for another, you could be banned from both if they realise that you already have one with them.

You didn’t meet member identification requirements

Most online bookmakers have a limit on how long it must take new customers to prove their identity to them.

14 days is a standard limit for providing the correct documentation and if you’ve been unable to do so they can cancel your account immediately.

If they don’t find the documentation required satisfactory, it is also at their discretion to suspend your account without having to provide further reasons.

There are security reasons

Betting online comes with a host of new issues in terms of security and so bookmakers must be stringent in the type of activity they allow.

If they suspect any malicious or harmful activity coming from the device you’re using or you’re unable to verify your account to them then they will likely place a total ban on your account.

Your activity is deemed suspicious

There are employees working for online bookmakers whose sole responsibility is looking for unusual betting activity form their customers.

Common Betting Sites Known For Limiting Accounts

A quick search online will produce countless complaints from betting customers who have found their accounts either limited or suspended.

The most common offenders are the larger European-owned online bookmakers, but it doesn’t seem to discriminate on size.

In regards to accounts being limited or suspended for winning too much money or not using bonuses the way they were intended, some of the most well-known online bookmakers were mentioned.

However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll always encounter problems with them as they have thousands of loyal customers in Australia, but you should be aware of your rights and the terms of conditions whenever you sign up to a new site.

Related Questions

Online betting was introduced to make gambling easier, but it can sometimes make things more complicated.

We’ve answered some questions about betting accounts that might be helpful for new punters to consider before signing up to a bookmaker.

Can I Have More Than One Betting Account?

Multi-accounting or having more than one betting account with the same bookmaker is prohibited in Australia.

If you wish to have a second betting account you’ll need to go through the signup and verification process with a separate bookmaker for it to be allowed.

Can I Use Someone Else’s Betting Account?

Most bookmakers have rules in place that prohibit you from placing a wager from anyone’s account that is not personally yours.

While the practice isn’t illegal, it will result in an instant ban from the bookmaker and a potential loss of any winnings you might have earned.

What Identification Is Needed For An Online Betting Account?

When you sign up to an online bookmaker you’ll be required to fill out a registration form that includes details that can verify your identity.

You may be asked to provide a copy of your driver’s license, passport or other photo identification, or may need to input certain information that verifies your identity to them.

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